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Call for Application for the ‘Heritage Minute Short Video Context 2020’

The exploration of the Islamic heritage is a powerful resource for thinking about Islam as both historical and cultural phenomenon. Understanding Islamic history carries out significant implications for the investment of Islamic heritage, especially with regards to the emphasis on the diverse range of powerful Islamic legacies. Today, the obscurity surrounding Muslim cultural and civilizational heritage prevented the young Muslims from making informed decisions about their futures and has further hindered them from fully realizing their past intellectual roles as producers and masters of culture, art, science and civilization. 

COMSTECH-ICYF Essay Competition on Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to the Competition:

Objective: To promote the awareness of AI as a leading technology of the contemporary era and its potential in varied areas of economy and society. To further identify outstanding talent in OIC countries that has both deeper understanding as well as innovative ideas on how AI can be used to address the multitude of problems being confronted by OIC countries as well as the potential pitfalls, challenges and the rules, regulations and guidelines, both legal and moral, that need to be considered to make the use of AI compatible with concerns of human privacy and dignity.

SESRIC supported the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) in the publication of the Palestinian Expertise Guidebook: “Yes, Palestine Can”

The Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA), with the support of SESRIC, published a guidebook titled “Yes, Palestine Can” in order to demonstrate the Palestinian expertise in specific domains within the framework of south-south and triangular cooperation. SESRIC undertook the translation, page design, layout and printing of the guidebook.

Gabala declared OIC City of Tourism for 2020

OIC City of Tourism For 2020

Gabala (Republic of Azerbaijan) was chosen as the ‘OIC City of Tourism’ for 2020 during the 10th Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers (ICTM) held on 5-7 February 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Conference was attended by high-level representatives and ministers of tourism of the OIC Member States.