The Publication and Information Technology Department is responsible for the overall management of publication and IT related activities which lie within the framework of the mandates undertaken by the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). The main duties of the Department are as follows:


The SESRIC’s official website is constantly backed-up and enriched with other websites and portals to meet the requirements of all other departments in the Centre and serve as a source of information for/on the OIC Member Countries. These can include, among others, OIC-VET portals, OIC-Statistical tools and Databases, etc. as well as applications supporting mobile devices, enhancement of security, and restructuring of the main components of the website. The website is also regularly updated to maintain the synchronization of the highlighted Web news and Tweets in the three official languages of the OIC.

Information Technology

The IT Unit oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within the Centre. Its primary function is to ensure that the network runs smoothly. It also assumes the duty to install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the network functioning properly. This includes working in collaboration with all the other departments of the Centre to optimally serve the needs of their staff. The IT Unit is also responsible for providing the infrastructure for automation. It implements the governance for the use of network and operating systems, and assists the operational units by providing them with the functionality they need.


The Translation Unit of SESRIC carries out the translation of numerous reports, books, notes, letters and daily communications in the three official languages of the OIC. The ever-increasing number of reports/documents needing translation and the maintenance of the SESRIC web news in the three official languages of OIC has led to an increase in the work capacity of the Translation Unit. This Unit is also sustained by a highly advanced computer-based translation software suited to uphold and keep intact an institutional translation memory with a view to maintaining consistency and increasing team productivity. In addition, the unit provides reviewing services to all the Departments in order to increase the level of language quality and to minimize mistakes in all written and online publications of the Centre. It also gives special attention to the reports and technical background documents that are circulated to the OIC Member Countries.


The Centre exercises a special care to ensure that the end-results of its activities in the areas of statistics and information, socio-economic research, and training and technical cooperation are documented and disseminated as widely as possible through the publication of reports, studies, books, periodicals and directories in the three official languages of the OIC. The Centre’s publications are graphically well-designed by using highly professional software and are printed in high paper quality to meet the level of world publications. They are also published both online through its website ( and circulated in hard copies to libraries, universities, government offices and individual researchers in the OIC member countries and elsewhere. The Publication Unit also provides support to meetings, trainings and workshops by designing and printing report covers, banners, certificates, badges, table-top titles, fliers, business cards. etc.

Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development

It is a quarterly Journal published by the Centre since 1979. It is a Journal of applied research in development economics and aims at enhancing cooperation among the member countries of the OIC. The material published in it derives mainly from contributions by authors in the member countries and elsewhere. These contributions include original papers that deal with important socio-economic issues of concern to the OIC Member Countries. The Journal also gives special attention to papers that deal with the potentials for and possibilities of promoting and expanding economic and technical cooperation among the member countries. The electronic archive of the Journals published since 1990, is accessible online through the address ( The JECD has recently been enriched with a Panel called ‘JECD Administration System Panel’ to reflect the new process of article reviewing. This includes masking author’s names, notification of any progress on the article, and many others.


The SESRIC’s Library is a depository and exchange library for many well-known international organisations. It is a welfare Centre which provides useful services to the OIC community by fostering education, promoting culture, providing scope for healthy recreation and disseminates information to all sections of the OIC Member Countries. The Library also serves the general public, as a reference library in statistics, social and economic research, training and technical cooperation, mainly to scholars of the OIC Member States.

Other assignments:

The Publication and IT Department provides Ad hoc services for all the departments in the Centre. This might entail installing new software or hardware, repairing hardware that has become faulty, training employees in the use of new software, and troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual's computer, translating documents that have not been scheduled and providing translation supports to meetings and workshops. The Department creates and maintains so many other tasks that go unseen or unrecognized by employees. These services, however, are integral to the success and smoothly running of the Centre’s duties.

Through the acquisition of hi-tech printing equipment based on the recent increase in the number of tasks entrusted to SESRIC by the OIC General Secretariat within the framework of its mandates, the Centre has now increased its capacity of producing reports in four-color-processing techniques to provide its readers with a better reading experience. The Centre’s publications are also published online through its web site ( and are circulated in hard copies to a large number of libraries, universities, government offices and individual researchers in the OIC Member States and elsewhere. These publications are also exchanged with a large number of national institutions and international organisations. The Centre has also configured an on-premise collaboration platform, SharePoint, in order to improve on managing departmental workflows, enhance collaboration between colleagues, facilitate the tracking of ongoing tasks, and preserving all critical information about activities.