Reverse Linkage for Bangladesh: Cotton Varieties Development

Main objective:

The project aims to enhance the local cotton production in Bangladesh particularly in less productive agricultural land. This will be achieved through enhancing the research capacity of the Cotton Development Board of Bangladesh in cotton varieties development and improving its production practices.

Beneficiary Institution:

Cotton Development Board (CDB), under the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh.

Provider Institution:

Nazilli Cotton Research Institute (CRI) of Turkey


IsDB, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) of Turkey, Turkish Airlines.

Expected Outcomes:

The project will help CDB get the theoretical and hands-on knowledge in cotton breeding and advanced production practices that will enable it to produce, in the long-term, improved cotton varieties that suit the agro-ecological conditions of Bangladesh.


The activities conducted under the Project are as follows:

Venue Date Information
Dhaka Bangladesh 19-30 January 2020 Training Course on ‘New Approaches in Cotton Agronomy: Sowing Experiments’
Aydın Turkey 07-08 November 2019 The Start-up Meeting of the Reverse Linkage Project between Bangladesh and Turkey on ‘Enhancing Capacity in Cotton Varieties Development’
Aydın Turkey 04-06 November 2019 Study Visit on ‘Enhancing Capacity in Cotton Varieties Development’ under the Reverse Linkage Project between Bangladesh and Turkey