Reverse Linkage for Uganda: Capacity Development of Vocational Training Centre at the Islamic University in Uganda

Main objective:

Recognizing the necessity of equipping young people with vocational skills to facilitate their transition to the labor market, the project aims to develop the capacities of the Vocational Training Centre in the Islamic University of Uganda by training the Centre’s workforce and developing the capacity of specific vocational training programs such as carpentry, metal work, ICT, and construction.

Beneficiary Institution:

The Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU).

Provider Institution:

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Courses (KOMEK) in Turkey.



Expected Outcomes:

The project will create more employment opportunities for graduates who will be equipped with vocational and entrepreneurial skills upon completing their training at the IUIU. In this way, the Vocational Training Centre in the IUIU will deliver high-quality vocational training courses accredited by the Government of Uganda and relevant to the labor market needs of the country and the region that it serves.