Reverse Linkage for Sudan: Capacity Development of the Africa City of Technology

Main objective:

The project aims to enhance the capacity of the Africa City of Technology (ACT) in the area of technology incubation, including its infrastructure, guidelines, business plans and human resources.

Beneficiary Institution:

Africa City of Technology (ACT).

Provider Institutions:

ULUTEK Technology Development Zone (ULUTEK) and TUBITAK Marmara Technopark (MARTEK).


IsDB, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of the Republic of the Sudan

Expected Outcomes:

The project will contribute to the efforts of the Government of Sudan in developing the capacity of ACT in technology incubation. Through this project, ACT will develop its incubation center and techno-park model, and build the capacities of its human capital, which will contribute to the scientific advancement and economic growth of Sudan.

Implemented Activities:

The activities conducted under the Project are as follows:

Venue Date Information
Kocaeli Turkey 09 December 2019-01 February 2020 On-the-job Training on ‘Technology Incubation and Transfer’
Kocaeli Turkey 17 June-09 August 2019 On-the-job Training on ‘Technology Incubation and Transfer’
Bursa Turkey 17 June-19 July 2019 Capacity Development Training on ‘Technology Incubation and Transfer’
Bursa & Kocaeli Turkey 20 March-05 April 2019 Familiarization Visit from Africa City of Technology to Techno-parks in Turkey
Bursa & Kocaeli Turkey 24-31 March 2019 Training on the ERP System Design
Khartoum Sudan 27-28 January 2019 The Start-up Meeting of the ‘Capacity Development of Africa City of Technology’