Agricultural Productivity in OIC Member Countries
Date : 10 September 2009

The performance of agricultural activities in OIC member countries is of great importance for two reasons: First, 41 % of the total population of the OIC Countries is agricultural population who directly or indirectly depends for their livelihood on agriculture. This percentage reaches 90 % in some countries like Niger and Mali. Economic growth in such countries is based primarily on agriculture and non-farm rural activities which is essential to improve their incomes. Second, steady growth of agricultural production is needed for meeting the growing demand due to the increase in population. If OIC member countries cannot achieve sustainable growth of the agricultural production, they will be increasingly dependent on world markets to meet their needs and will be more vulnerable to price fluctuations and the achievement of food security becomes, if not impossible, a difficult goal to attain. These reasons urge the need for more/higher agricultural productivity levels.

This brief report presents an overview of the performance and productivity of agricultural activities in OIC member countries. It examines the cross-country differences in agricultural productivity and evaluates the components of agricultural productivity in OIC member countries. The report ends up with some concluding remarks and recommendations.

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Agricultural Productivity in OIC Member Countries (English)