E-Government Readiness in the OIC Member Countries
Date : 29 January 2009

Today we are living in an era of speed caused by the technological progress of mankind which has a deep impact on each and every process in both the public and private sector. This impact has even been felt in the most remote geographical areas of the world due to the widespread use of information and communication technology (ICT) tools. These technologies are adopted by the governments to transform the public policy, processes and functions to better serve the needs of their citizens.

Sound infrastructure, improved web technology, and trained human capital have made it possible for the governments to attain a high level of on-line public services. However, in order for governments to maintain a sustainable growth in the use of e-government services and to reach the citizen satisfaction level, it is imperative for them to consolidate these unattached services under an integrated e-government system. The integrated e-government system available round the clock undoubtedly will tie agencies, processes and systems together in a more efficient and faster way.

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