State of Transportation in D-8 Countries
Date : 26 January 2017

Transportation is a leading sector in regional development which contributes to socio-economic development of societies, boosts trade, jobs and the living standards. Demand for transportation is rising, hence the provision of transport-related infrastructure and services are required to promote development and create investment opportunities.

Against this backdrop, SESRIC has published the “State of Transportation in D-8 Countries” Report which presents objective information and analysis on the current state and challenges facing D-8 Member Countries in this vital sector. In particular, the report addresses different modes of transport including land, air and water transportation. Moreover, it elaborates on how transportation affects trade, tourism, and the environment. The report concludes with some specific policy recommendations at the national and D-8 cooperation level.

The State of Transportation in D-8 Countries report will be beneficial in expanding the body of knowledge in the D-8 Countries in the domain of transportation and will contribute to the decision making process in D-8 Countries through enacting appropriate policies and strategies that will enable the D-8 Countries to successfully address the transport challenges they face.

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