The Size of the Economy in OIC Member Countries
Date : 24 December 2007

GDPGross Domestic Product (GDP), despite many caveats, is generally accepted as an indicator measuring the total size of the economy in a given year. Taking this into consideration, it is obvious that there are huge size differences among the economies of the OIC member countries. While six, out of the 57 OIC member countries (Maldives, Guyana, Djibouti, Gambia, Comoros, and Guinea Bissau) produced less than one billion in 2006, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia recorded real GDP figures of over $200 billion . In the same year, only 14 countries realised real GDP figures over the OIC group average of $34,866 million.

In terms of the group performance, the OIC group average is far below the averages of the OECD ($975 billion), the EU15 ($595 billion) and the ASEAN ($79 billion). Yet, it is higher than the African Union average ($13 billion), and is close to that of the Arab League ($39 billion).

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