Training Course on ‘Fiber Technology: Contamination’ in Togo
Date: 20-22 December 2012
Venue: Atakpamé - Togo

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised training on “Fiber Technology: Contamination” at the New Cotton Company of Togo (NSCT) in Atakpamé, Togo, on 20-22 December 2012. The course was provided by Mr Papa Fata NDIAYE, an expert from Society for Development of Textile (SODEFITEX) in Senegal, and was attended by scientists dealing with cotton production of the New Cotton Company of Togo (NSCT).

The training course on “Fiber Technology: Contamination” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction
  • Contamination of cotton
    • Types of contaminants and their effects in spinning
    • Consequences for producers: Market share and loss of image
    • Which control strategy?
  • Approaches and current project
    • Problem of financing programme against contamination
  • Field visit to producer plots being harvested
    • Exchange of experiences
  • The prerequisites for the implementation of quality action plan
  • State of the art: Diagnosis, analysis of sources of contamination
  • Model Overview of SODEFITEX in Senegal
  • Summary of work