Training Course on 'Demography and Population' in Niger
Date: 15-17 October 2012
Venue: Niamey - Niger

The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised a training course on “Demography and Population” at the National Institute of Statistics (INS) of Niger in Niamey on 15-17 October 2012. The course was provided by Mr. Achref Mrabet, an expert from the Statistics Tunisia, and was attended by relevant INS staff members.

The training course on “Demography and Population” provided an overview of the data sources (censuses, civil registries, and surveys), key indicators and demographic concepts. The objective of the training course was to inform attendees about:

  • Demographic census data sources
  • Indicators of marriage, fertility, mortality, and migration
  • Estimation methods
  • Projection methods for fertility, mortality and migration.

The agenda of the training course included:

Day 1: Introduction to Demography and Population

  • Session 1
    • Presentations, opening remarks, review discussion on the training objectives and expectations
    • Introduction to Demography
  • Session 2
    • Status of the population
    • Population structure (Sex ratio, population pyramids)

Day 2: Fertility and Mortality

  • Session 1
    • Fertility
    • Determinants of fertility
    • Intensity and timing
  • Session 2
    • Mortality
    • Mortality: Measures and limits
    • Mortality tables
    • Indirect estimates

Day 3: Population Projections

  • Session 1
    • Component approach
    • Fertility projection
  • Session 2
    • Mortality projection
    • Migration projection