Training Programme on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration” in Yemen
Date: 28 September - 02 October 2012
Venue: Sanaa - Yemen

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organized the second phase of the training programme on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration”, in collaboration with Aegean International Health Federation, at Ministry of Health of Yemen on 28 September-02 October 2012. The training programme was provided by the members of Aegean International Health Federation namely Assist. Prof. Abdülkadir Civan, Gediz University (Turkey), Faculty of Medicine Assist. Prof. Ali Coşkun, Fatih University (Turkey), Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Dr. Ali Iravul, Deputy Director, Izmir Health Directorate. The course was designed for healthcare managers and hospital administrators. The course aims to improve participants’ professional knowledge in the field of health care management and operations, increase their efficiency and maximize the rational use of resources.

The training course on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration” mainly covered the following subjects:

  1. Total Quality Management and Accreditation
  2. Service Quality Standards and Definitions
  3. Management Services
  4. Patient Care Services
  5. Infection Control and Prevention
  6. Institution Management
  7. Definition and Classification of the Concept of Cost
  8. Cost Elements
  9. Material and Instrument Costs
  10. Stock Assessment Methods
  11. Stock Management
  12. Cost Analysis in Healthcare Institutions
  13. The Role of Marketing in Health Care
  14. Target Market-Service-Distribution
  15. Price – Promotion
  16. Public Relations in Healthcare Services
  17. Service Quality- Patient Satisfaction
  18. Human Resource Management in Healthcare Institutions


  1. Health Policy and Health Economics (English)
  2. Health Policy and Health Economics II (English)
  3. Cost Management for Healthcare Organizations (English)
  4. Total Quality Management (English)
  5. Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare Services (English)
  6. Service Quality Standards (English)
  7. New Routes to a Better World Health for All (English)