2nd International Conference on Management of Technology
Date: 16-17 December 2012
Venue: Tehran - Iran

The 2nd International Conference on Management of Technology (MoT), IRAMOT 2012 Conference was held on December 16-17, 2012 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran with presence of more than 800 participants. The conference is held annually to provide a platform and bring together the global community in the field of Technology Management.

IRAMOT 2012 was held with the motto of "The Role of MoT in National Competitiveness and Social Welfare" in order to promote the level of welfare in developing countries by proposing applicable solutions.

The Conference objectives are:

  • to share successful national & international experiences in MoT
  • to promote MoT knowledge among scholars and practitioners at national and firm levels
  • to introduce and promote the best practices in MoT field and award them
  • to acknowledge and support domestic models

In addition, some panel discussions were held as below:

  • Futures Studies: Past Experiences, Future Plans and Challenges in Implementation
  • Commercialization of Researches and Technological Achievements
  • Successful and Unsuccessful Experiences in Management of Technology
  • How Venture Capital Leads to the Technology Development?
  • Developing Knowledge of MOT and Futures Studies from PhD Students’ Point of view
  • Technology Policy Making in Sectorial Level- Context Impact
  • Past and Future of National Innovation Policies
  • The Role of Technology in Iranian Islamic Model of Progress
  • Assessment of MOT Training During Last Decade in Iran
  • Knowledge Base Firm Development, Why and How?