26th Occupational Health and Safety Week in the Republic of Turkey
Date: 04-10 May 2012
Venue: Sanliurfa - Türkiye

Occupational Safety and Health Week (OHS-WEEK) has been held regularly by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey (MoLSS) every year on 4-10 May to discuss the current situation of OHS and find proper solutions to  problems.

The 26th OHS-WEEK activities will begin on 4 May in Sanliurfa with the opening ceremony and will proceed according to the topics that will be discussed in the panels:

  • Occupational Accidents in Agriculture and Importance of Occupational Safety
  • Health Risks and Protection Against Occupational Diseases in Agriculture
  • Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Agriculture

Subscription to the 26th OHS-WEEK activities is free. Participants eligible to represent their institutions should register online at http://www.isghaftasi.com until 2 May 2012.