SESRIC and IOFS held a Consultative Technical Meeting on the sidelines of the 21st Meeting of the COMCEC Agriculture Working Group
Date: 11 October 2023
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

SESRIC and the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) convened a Consultative Technical Meeting on 11 October 2023, at the SESRIC headquarters in Ankara, Türkiye. The meeting focused on discussing the existing collaboration between the two institutions aimed at supporting the OIC member countries in achieving their objectives related to food security and agricultural development.

A main topic of discussion was the review of the Joint Action Plan, developed collaboratively by SESRIC and IOFS in May 2023. The plan plays a crucial role in coordinating the joint efforts towards addressing vital issues related to food security and agriculture, with the aim of building a resillient and more productive agricultural sector in the OIC member countries.

Another integral part of the meeting was the review of joint mandates arising from the resolutions of the recently held 9th Ministerial Conference on Food Security and Agricultural Development, which took place on 01-02 October 2023 in Doha, State of Qatar. During the meeting, the relevant resolutions requiring joint actions from both OIC institutions were carefully considered, and a roadmap towards their implementation was discussed.

The Consultative Technical Meeting, held alongside the 21st Meeting of the COMCEC Agriculture Working Group, represented an opportunity for SESRIC and IOFS to renew their commitment to the noble mission of ensuring sustaible food security and agriculture development in the OIC member countries. The meeting highlighted the value of working together to address the challenges faced by the OIC community.

The Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS) is a specialized institution of the OIC, dedicated to promoting agricultural and rural development as well as enhancing food security in the OIC member countries. Its goals include sharing expertise on sustainable agriculture and food security, monitoring food security to identify emergencies, providing humanitarian aid, coordinating agricultural policies, tackling environmental issues like desertification and deforestation, and managing resources to improve food security levels in the OIC region.