Training Course on ‘Islamic Debt and Equity Markets’
Date: 16-18 May 2023
Venue: Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Türkiye

Within the framework of the SESRIC’s Stock Exchanges Capacity Building Programme (SE-CaB), SESRIC, in collaboration with Borsa Istanbul (the Secretariat of the OIC Exchanges Forum), Capital Market Board of Türkiye (the Secretariat of the COMCEC Capital Market Regulators Forum), the Indonesia Stock Exchange and the Indonesian Financial Services Authority, organised a Training Course on “Islamic Debt and Equity Markets” on 16-18 May 2023 through an online video conferencing platform.

The training course was provided by competent experts from the relevant departments of the partner institutions for the benefit of 168 experts and executives from the Stock Exchanges and Regulatory Authorities in 25 OIC Member Countries.

The training course highlighted the principles, concepts, and practices associated with Shariah-compliant financing, particularly in relation to debt and equity markets. Additionally, the course provided the participants with the necessary knowledge about partner institutions and market structures, empowering them to proficiently navigate the Islamic finance industry while effectively analysing and structuring Shariah-compliant debt and equity transactions.

The training course covered the following topics:

  • Borsa Istanbul Overview and S&P/OIC COMCEC 50 Shariah Index Fund
  • BİST Participation Index and Calculation of the Indices
  • Precious Metals and Diamonds Market Spot Operations
  • Interest-Free (Islamic) Finance through Capital Markets in Türkiye
  • ESG Sukuk & GEFAS Online Data Platform (Real estate based and developing financial instruments)
  • Participation (Islamic) Mutual Funds
  • Indonesia Islamic Equity Market: Introduction and Development
  • Islamic Philanthropy in Indonesia Islamic Equity Market
  • The Big Potential of Sovereign Sukuk for National Development
  • Developing Corporate Sukuk as Shariah-compliant Financing Sources

The Stock Exchanges Capacity Building Programme (SE-CaB) was developed and initiated by SESRIC in 2011. The Programme aims at supporting and contributing to the efforts of the OIC Member Countries towards strengthening their institutional and human capacities by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices among the Stock Exchanges and relevant Ministries. Within the framework of this Programme, the Centre organises capacity-building activities by following various modalities such as training courses, training workshops, and study visits. For more information on the Stock Exchanges Capacity Building programme (SE-CaB), please visit: