Training Course on ‘Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection’
Date: 07-09 March 2023
Venue: Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Türkiye

Within the framework of its Public Employment Services Capacity Building Programme (PES-CaB), SESRIC organised a Training Course on “Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection” on 07- 09 March 2023 through an online video conferencing platform.

The training course was provided by competent experts from the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) of Malaysia for the benefit of 78 experts and executives from the National Public Employment Services (PES) Agencies/ Authorities as well as the relevant Ministries and national institutions from 20 OIC Member Countries. The training course aimed at bringing together the experts and executives to strengthen their technical capacities and knowledge of designing unemployment insurance schemes with operating techniques to compensate income losses for the unemployed as well as employment protection in terms of laws and regulations that protect employee rights.

The training course commenced with the opening remarks of Mr Onur ÇAĞLAR, Director of the Training and Technical Cooperation Department at SESRIC, who emphasized the importance of unemployment insurance and employment protection as ingredients of effective labour market policies. He also emphasized the beneficial function of unemployment insurance schemes in safeguarding workers against the possibility of losing their jobs, addressing the issue of poverty during periods of unemployment, and enhancing their employability. He additionally expressed that the robust implementation of employment protection regulations shields employees from employer intimidation, fosters private sector employability, and alleviates the burden on governments. Before concluding, he recalled SESRIC’s continuous efforts in facilitating experience sharing and knowledge transfer to enhance the institutional and human resources capacities of the national institutions in the OIC member countries within the frameworks of its programmes.

Mr. Azirruan BIN ARIFIN, Head of the Employment Insurance System Office at PERKESO, commenced by expressing his profound gratitude to SESRIC for their collaborative efforts in organizing this pivotal training course. Subsequently, he provided a succinct overview of the course's structure and the pertinent subject matter to be addressed throughout its duration. Furthermore, he emphasized the remarkable advancements achieved in the Employment Insurance System under PERKESO's stewardship since its inception in 2018. In conclusion, Mr. ARIFIN articulated PERKESO's readiness and enthusiasm for disseminating their experiences and knowledge with the OIC Member Countries.

SESRIC developed its Public Employment Services Capacity Building Programme (PES-CaB) in 2014 with the aim of improving public employment services in the OIC Member Countries and strengthening the capacities of institutional and human resources of national PES Agencies/ Authorities. Through various modalities, including training courses, training workshops, and study visits, the Programme seeks to encourage sharing and exchanging of information, experiences, and best practices among the OIC Member Countries in the field of public employment services. For more details about the PES-CaB and its activities, please visit: