14th Edition of the IDB Prizes for Science & Technology (1437H-2016G)
Date: 18 November 2015

The Bank established the IDB Prizes for Science and Technology in 1422H (2001G). These prizes underscore the commitment to mustering the application of relevant contemporary scientific advancement for the socio-economic welfare of Member Countries by rewarding excellence among the academic and research institutions.

The objectives of the IDB Prizes for Science & Technology stand to:

  • Acknowledge and encourage the achievements of the successful institutions;
  • Promote sound and fruitful competition among the science and technology education and research institutions in Member Countries towards achieving excellence;
  • Raise awareness of policy among decision makers about the present and potential contribution of science and technology to sustainable development.


The IDB Prizes for S&T consist of three (3) prizes awarded on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors. Each prize will consist of a cash award of one hundred thousand (100,000) US dollars, a trophy and a certificate mentioning the name of the winner and its accomplishments.


The Prizes are awarded only to institutions (not to individuals) in IDB member countries in the following categories:

Category 1:

Outstanding scientific or technological contribution to the socio-economic development of a member country.

Category 2:

Outstanding contribution to any of the following scientific disciplines: Engineering; Agriculture; Medicine; Biotechnology; Information Technology; Optronics; Material Sciences; Pharmaceutical; Industrial Microelectronics; Nanotechnology and alternative Energy Sources.

Category 3:

Noted scientific research institutions in IDB least developed member countries (LDMCs).


Applications are invited from national, regional and international academic/research/development institutions of member countries, private or public.

The completed electronic application form should be sent to the IDB Capacity Development Department Email : STPrize1437@isdb.org

More details are available on the IDB website:

(http://www.isdb.org/irj/portal/anonymous?NavigationTarget=navurl://74d74aef8281e22a7d65bef5e309bf1e&LightDTNKnobID=1604981530 ).