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Since November 2007, the Centre has been preparing short outlook reports on various socio-economic development topics related to the OIC Member States. Using the Centre’s main database “BASEIND”, these reports present statistical information and analytical investigations on the topics under consideration, enriched with figures and tables. The topics of these reports include, among others, demography and structure of population, size and structure of the economy, saving and investment, structure and direction of trade, labour productivity, health, tourism, gender, food security, etc. The selected OIC Outlook Reports are also published in the Centre’s Economic Cooperation and Development Review as well as.

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Trade in Services and Role of Services Sector in Economic Transformation

This report reviews the latest developments in services trade and analyses the structure of global and regional trade in services. It is found that OIC countries are not able account a good share of global trade in services as they fail to diversify their export base through creating an enabling environment. Moreover, they are losing their competitive advantages in many services sectors. Therefore, there is a need for building productive capacity and competitiveness in targeted services sectors through adequate national policies and regulations in OIC countries.