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24-25 November 2014
Ankara - Turkey
24-25 November 2014
Abuja - Nigeria
25-28 November 2014
Istanbul - Turkey
01-04 December 2014
Amman - Jordan
01-02 December 2014
Baku - Azerbaijan
01-03 December 2014
Ankara - Turkey
02-04 December 2014
Ankara - Turkey
08-09 December 2014
Ankara - Turkey
15-16 December 2014
Baku - Azerbaijan
16-18 December 2014
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
18-19 December 2014
Ankara - Turkey
21-22 December 2014
Alger - Algeria
22-26 December 2014
Istanbul - Turkey
22-23 December 2014
Khartoum - Sudan
29-30 April 2015
Ankara - Turkey

Second Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing National Capacities of OIC Member Countries in Poverty Statistics

19-20 November 2014

Training  course on ‘Occupational Hygiene’

18-19 November 2014

Training Course on 'Tourism Statistics' in Oman

17-19 November 2014

International Statistical Institute Regional Statistics Conference 2014

16-19 November 2014

Fifth Meeting of the Monitoring and Advisory Committee of the OIC-VET

12-13 November 2014

Training Course on 'Poverty, Living Conditions and Cross-Cutting Social Issues' in Senegal

10-14 November 2014

Training Course on ‘Islamic Microfinance’ in Somalia

09-11 November 2014

2014 Meeting of the Central Banks and Monetary Authorities of the OIC Member Countries “Dealing with Financial Stability Risks: Macro-prudential Policy and Financial Deepening in Islamic Finance”

05-06 November 2014

Training Course on 'Informal Sector Statistics' in Uganda

05-07 November 2014

Indonesian International Conference on Islamic Finance: An Integrated Development of Islamic Finance Towards Financial Stability and Sustainable Economic Development

03-04 November 2014

International Disaster-14 Congress

31 October - 02 November 2014

The First Investment Forum on OIC Plan of Action for Cooperation with Central Asia

27-28 October 2014

Knowledge and Experience Sharing Workshop on ISMEK Master Training Programme

27-28 October 2014

Workshop on Islamic Leadership

20-24 October 2014

The 5th Ministerial Conference on the Role of Women in the Development of OIC Member States

20-21 October 2014

Workshop on 'Revision 3 of Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses and Census Data Evaluation'

19-23 October 2014

SESRIC, IDB and OSHNET Secretariat held joint meeting

17 October 2014

SESRIC, IDB and TIKA signs MoU

26 June 2014

First Meeting on Public Employment Services in OIC Member Countries

29-30 April 2014

Eleventh Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance

25-27 April 2014

Fourth Session of OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom)

21-23 April 2014

International Forum on Transforming the Statistical System in GCC Countries: Productivity and New Data Challenges

09-10 April 2014

Signing Ceremony of COMCEC Projects

02 April 2014

Deputy Minister of Human Resources of Malaysia Visits SESRIC

17 February 2014

H.E. Dr. Cevdet Yılmaz, Minister of Development of the Republic of Turkey, paid a courtesy visit to SESRIC

24 January 2014

During his Official Visit to the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Iyad Ameen Madani, Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), paid a special visit to SESRIC

14-15 January 2014

New Capacity Building Programmes

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SESRIC Internship Program

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SESRIC and Fajr Capital Launch Infographics Series

Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, Vol. 35 No. 3

Agriculture and Food Security in OIC Member Countries 2014

Economic Cooperation and Development Review Vol.7 No.1

OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action 2014-2023

Labour Market Structure, Unemployment and the Role of VET in OIC Countries

Civil Society in OIC Member Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

An Assessment of Trade Costs in OIC Countries

Early Childhood Care and Education in OIC Member Countries

International Tourism in the OIC Countries: Prospects and Challenges 2013

Developments in Financial Regulation and Supervision in OIC Member Countries: A Comparative Look at the Course of Global Financial Crisis

OIC Economic Outlook 2013

OIC Health Report 2013

State of Agriculture and Food Security in OIC Member Countries 2013

Economic Cooperation and Development Review Vol.6 No.2

Vocational Education and Training Programme for OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET)
Basic Social and Economic Indicators Database (BASEIND)
SESRIC Motion Charts (SMC)
OIC Outlook

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