Portal on Water Resources in OIC Member Countries

The Roundtable Discussions Meeting which has been held during the OIC Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water (5-6 March 2012, Istanbul, Turkey) strongly recommended the establishment of a web portal on water resources to facilitate matching of needs of Member States with offers in terms of training, capacity-building, exchange of experience, expertise and technical assistance. The Meeting welcomed the offer by SESRIC to collate information from Member States on their needs and offers for cooperation. In this connection, SESRIC established this web portal on water resources in OIC member countries and developed a specific water resources capacity building questionnaire for this purpose.


First Meeting Of OIC Water Council

Islamic Conference of Ministers responsible for Water

Third Session

  • Draft Agenda on “Third Session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers responsible for Water” (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Agenda on Senior Officials Meeting (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Programme of Work on “Third Session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers responsible for Water” (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Programme of Work on Senior Officials Meeting (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Report of the Secretary General on implementation the OIC Water Vision (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Resolution (English)
  • Draft Terms of Reference (English)
  • Draft Concept Paper (English)
  • Concept Note on Panel Discussion on Water Resources Management Capacity Building (English)
  • Information Booklet (English)

Forth Session

  • Resolutions (English)
  • Final Report (English)
  • Report of the SG (English)
  • Agenda for the Ministerial Meeting (English)
  • Program of Work for the Ministerial Meeting (English)
  • Agenda for the Senior Official Meeting (English)
  • Program of work for the senior official meeting (English)

Water Statistics

SESRIC Research on Water Resources

Capacity Building Programme

Currently capacity building implemented activities on water resources management accessible through the following link: Capacity Building Programme on Water Resources Management (Water-CaB)

OIC Water Vision National Focal Points Forum

This "OIC Water Vision National Focal Points Forum" aims to provide a communications channel amongst the OIC Member States for the development of cooperation and collaboration towards increased water security. The objective of the Forum is to:

  • Explore opportunities to exchange technology, know-how and experience amongst Member States;
  • Identify the needs of Member States for capacity building, technology transfer and funding;
  • Identify the key water-related challenges facing Member States; and
  • Identify future actions and strategies to address these challenges.

Please note that this is a closed forum. Only the National Focal Points of the Member States for the Implementation of the OIC Water Vision can view or post comments.

Forum link:

Pre Meeting part
  • Draft Agenda (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • Draft Programme of Work (English) (Arabic) (French)
  • NFPs Info Book (English) (Arabic) (French)
Post Meeting part
Planned / Implemented Meetings

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Training Course on ‘Water Resources Management’ in Azerbaijan
Date : 06-07 February 2013 Venue : Baku Azerbaijan

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised training on “Water Resources Management” at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on 6-7 February 2013. The course was provided by Ms. Saliha Değirmencioğlu, an expert from Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, and was attended by approximately 25 participants from different organisations such as Azersu and Melioration and Water Economy Joint-Stock Companies (JSCs).