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State of Energy Sector in D-8 Countries
Date : 13 February 2017

Energy is a significant driving force for sustainable development with critical economic, social and environmental impacts. Energy is both a cause and a condition to economic growth of the economy. Given the finite nature of carbon-based energy and the eventuality of the post-oil era, effective strategies and policies are needed to deal with the future of the energy sector at both the national and regional levels. As global populations around the world witness increasing growth, the demand for less volatile and more clean and diverse energy portfolios is now becoming more critical than ever before.

“The State of Energy Sector in D-8 Countries” Report sheds light on the state of energy sector in D-8 Countries with a view to reflecting the current situation and identifying major challenges, obstacles, and opportunities with respect to the other countries. The report also highlights a number of related socio-economic factors such as economic growth, energy use, energy supply, pollution levels, and energy intensity. The report then concludes with a set of broad policy recommendations at both the national and the D-8 cooperation levels.

It is expected that “The State of Energy Sector in D-8 Countries” Report will be a useful contribution to expanding the knowledge related to the energy sector in the D-8 Countries, particularly to the decision making process in the domain of energy through enacting appropriate policies and strategies that will enable the D-8 Countries to successfully address the challenges they face.

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