SESRIC - Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries

Roster of Environmental and Water Experts

This roster aims to facilitate communication between environment and water experts in the OIC member countries, something we hope would contribute significantly to useful exchange of information and experiences within the Islamic World and promote technical co-operation activities among member countries.

   The records identify each listed expert by his/her name, designation, institution of work, e-mail address and telephone/fax number, if available. The query would be done according to country and/or field of expertise.

To be Included in the Roster of Environmental and Water Experts

Should you wish to be included in the roster, complete and submit the online form (in English only).

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Albania (1) Algeria (7) Azerbaijan (3) Bahrain (3)
Bangladesh (3) Benin (1) Burkina Faso (7) Cameroon (2)
Chad (1) Comoros (1) Cote d'Ivoire (1) Djibouti (2)
Egypt (15) Gambia (1) Indonesia (4) Iran (2)
Iraq (23) Jordan (2) Kazakhstan (2) Kuwait (1)
Kyrgyzstan (1) Lebanon (132) Malaysia (7) Maldives (1)
Morocco (2) Niger (2) Nigeria (2) Pakistan (13)
Palestine (8) Saudi Arabia (3) Senegal (8) Somalia (1)
Sudan (6) Suriname (1) Syria (27) Tajikistan (8)
Togo (1) Tunisia (3) Turkey (66) Uganda (1)
Uzbekistan (2) Yemen (3)