OIC- Standardization Experts Group (Halal Food)

The aim of developing a halal food standard is to provide the much needed international benchmark for halal food product certification for the common good of Islamic communities all over the world even in non Muslim countries. On the consumer side, there is a growing demand on halal food in international trade which should be perceived as a consumer right.

The OIC Standardization Experts Group (OIC SEG) held several meetings in Turkey and studied three documents namely “OIC General Guidelines on Halal Food"; "Guidelines for Bodies Providing Halal Certification"; and "Guidelines for the Authorized Accreditation Body Accrediting Halal Certification Bodies". In the second session of the 10th Meeting of the OIC SEG held in October 2009 in Istanbul, in the light of the views and comments of the International Islam Fıkh Academy, all three draft documents were finalized to be submitted for the ratification of the 25th Session of the COMCEC.

Planned / Implemented Meetings

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The 9th Meeting of the OIC Standardisation Experts Group
Date : 16-18 April 2008 Venue : Ankara Turkey
The 9th Meeting of the OIC Standardisation Experts Group, which was entrusted by the 23rd Session of the COMCEC with the task of studying and developing the OIC Halal Food Standards, was held in Ankara, Republic of Turkey on 16-18 April 2008 at the Headquarters of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSI).