Economic Cooperation and Development Review Vol.1 No.1
Date : 09 October 2008

Economic Cooperation and Development Review is a new semi-annual periodical of Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC); the first issue has been published in September 2008. This new Review targets primarily economic policy-makers, government officials, academicians, researchers, students and other interested readers in the OIC and other developing countries. The materials of this new periodical include, among others:



  1. interviews with eminent personalities in the Islamic world and elsewhere. In the first issue of Review, H.E. Prof. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference has been interviewed and in the upcoming second issue, an interview with H.E. Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey and Chairman of the COMCEC will appear.
  2. short articles on selected issues of economic development and growth which are of immediate interest to the developing countries, including the OIC member countries. These articles are usually written by eminent economists and Nobel laureates around the world. “The Growth Report Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development: Overview” was one of the contributed articles published in the first issue of Review and reflects the views of a Commission consisting of 19 well-known and experienced policy, government and business leaders, mostly from the developing world and two renowned economists namely Prof. Michael Spence, Commission Chairman, Nobel Laureate and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, and Prof. Robert Solow, Nobel Laureate and Professor Emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  3. summaries of selected papers, studies and background reports prepared by the SESRIC on various socio-economic development issues placed on the agenda of the related OIC conferences and meetings;
  4. OIC Outlook Reports, which are prepared by the SESRIC on various socio-economic development topics related to the OIC member countries using the Centre's main database “BASEIND” and presented statistical information and analytical investigation on the topics in question, enriched with figures and tables.
  5. brief country news on current economic developments in individual OIC member countries;
  6. news on the most recent and salient activities of the OIC and the SESRIC;
  7. a section on titles and reviews of recently published books; and
  8. most recent statistical information on socio-economic and financial indicators on OIC member countries.

Economic Cooperation and Development Review welcomes contributions from experts and professionals working at regional and international developmental organisations in terms of short policy-oriented articles reflecting results of applied and analytical research on different issues of economic development and cooperation that are of primary interest and benefit to the member countries. It also welcomes contributions from economists in universities, government services and research institutions in the member countries and elsewhere.

Economic Cooperation and Development Review is circulated widely within the OIC community and elsewhere, particularly at the highest levels of the governments of the member countries, including the Heads of States, Ministries, economic policy-makers, senior officials, academicians, et al.

The SESRIC envisages that the Economic Cooperation and Development Review will be an effective means for enhancing the Centre's efforts to provide the necessary and up-to-date information and knowledge that would make the member countries better informed of each other's capacities and needs as well as challenges and potentials. This would, eventually, facilitate their efforts to initiate and elaborate on cooperation projects and integration schemes.

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